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We are determined to complete your needs, Our expertise, in house fabrication, and use of the best pump technology in the market allows us to provide tailored solution for your business needs.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Having dealt with various situation in different projects, HBSM is an experienced solution provider when it comes to slurry and water management. With an extensive range of equipment supported by our expertise and facilities, you can rest assure that your toughest problem can be solved with us.

Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales

Picking the right pump unit can be difficult, for there are a lot of aspects that need to considered such as quality, durability, and performance. Our extensive range of powerful and robust pump  units are ready to be customized in various deployment and configuration to suit your business needs.

Fabrication services

Fabrication services

HBSM has a vast range of supporting facilities to help customize our solution to match the different needs of our customers, These include House fabrication workshop and Pump Rebuild Centre.


We Commit to use only the quality product that guaranted the satisfaction of our client

Eddy Pump

EDDY pump is a state of the art pumps that is engineered and manufactured in America by the EDDY pump corporation. EDDY Pump technology harnesses the power of a tornado into fluid dynamics, creating a synchronized eddy current. This allows the EDDY Pump to handle high concentration of abrasive slurries with less downtime, clogging and spare part cost.

Pioneer Pump

Pioneer Pump® Is Performance Through Innovation. Leading-edge hydraulic engineering makes our centrifugal pumps the highest performing pumps on the market. Our pumps provide better flow, higher head, greater efficiency, and unparalleled service designed to meet your unique challenges.


Outstanding durability, strength and reliability is what makes Goodwin submersible pumps different from the rest. Created for the most extreme environments, Goodwin pumps are world leaders in submersible slurry pumping technology. Goodwin’s range of acid resisting and high head submersible pumps follow the Goodwin tradition of engineering excellence.|