About Us


HBSM was founded on the vision of professionalism coupled with high performance products. The objective? to couple international products with local expertise in an organization that can offer services to allow Indonesia’s industries to solve and conquer their water and slurry problems.

HBSM has grown leaps and bounds since her conception in 2017.
HBSM takes pride in, not just the exceptional quality of service that our customers receive, but also the productivity and performance of the products that are integrated into our projects.


To be the best solution provider of mud and water management in Indonesia

  1. We are committed to providing the best pump technology and service to fit the needs of its clients
  2. We want to build open, trusted, successful in profitable collaboration with our team members, clients and business partners
Our Value


We are committed to everything we do. We will always go to the extra mile to help our customers, our team members, suppliers and partners


The ability to make improvements, continuous development and creating something new, in order to improve business processes to be able to generate maximum performance and result


We believe in teamwork, we support each other. We are there for each other, our customers, our suppliers and our partners Page of