Slurry Handling applications

Marine Construction
Mine Tailings
Oil & Gas

Our Slurry Solution

The monster of slurry ,Eddy Pump  is our trusted solution when it comes to slurry pumping. Outperforming all types of pumps in the market, This state of the art non-clog pumps is designed for the toughest industrial pumping applications. Combined with our technical and application expertise, HBSM has conquered different application throughout the region.

Available in various sizes and implementation

Eddy Pump is available in various sizes from 1 to 12 inch, with different accessories and deployment method that helps us cover a lot of situation :

Self Priming Diesel Pumps
Cable Deployed Hydraulic
Pontoon Dredger
Excavator Attached
Pontoon Dredger P15T + EXF6K- CH